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Utility detection specialists, Cable Locators Ltd, are a prominent player in the industry, they have been at the forefront of their field for an impressive 14 year’s, servicing the Greater Wellington region. Their journey has been marked by not only their commitment to excellence, but also by their involvement in shaping industry standards and practices.

One memorable milestone in their journey was their integral role in selecting the purple spray paint colour for Chorus and Telecom services identification. This seemingly small decision has had a significant impact on the industry, making it easier for professionals to identify and locate telecom infrastructure, amidst a sea of markings.

Over the years, Cable Locators Ltd has witnessed the evolution of utility detection technology. While they see the core protocols have remained largely the same, the way they engage with clients has seen a transformation with technology. New innovations are now providing easier access to information, the emphasis has shifted towards the interpretation of utility mark outs for identification and management of specific services.

“At Cable Locators, we prioritise customer safety and awareness. We specialise in locating all underground services to ensure a secure and efficient environment. Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of vital infrastructure, including power, gas, water, telecommunications, sewer, drainage lines, irrigation, fibre/broadband, alarm or signal lines, and even redundant services. By identifying and mapping these critical components of below-ground infrastructure, we help protect your investments and ensure the smooth operation of your projects. Your safety and peace of mind is our top priority. The importance of clear communication and understanding between clients and professional Locators has become paramount, ensuring accurate and safe utility detection”.  – Bevan Hockly, Cable Locators Ltd

What truly sets Cable Locators Ltd apart is their passion for the people they meet in the industry. The diverse network of stakeholders including clients, partners, and colleagues has made every day an exciting and enriching experience. In terms of their future goals, the company is committed to nurturing the next generation of Locators. They are diligently working on a plan to train and empower the industry’s future professionals, ensuring that the legacy of excellence they’ve built over 14 years continues to thrive.

Looking ahead, Bevan hints at numerous upcoming projects that are still under wraps, sparking curiosity about what innovative thinking they will apply to overcome challenges in the near future.

Bevan emphasises the value of organisations like NULCA, which play a pivotal role in advancing the locating and general civil industry. Their dedication to the field is evident, and their commitment to the next generation and industry standards ensures that Cable Locators Ltd remains a trailblazer in the world of utility detection.

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