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Standard Operating Procedures

More SOP’s being drafted include: Equipment Maintenance, Site Walkover and Inspections, Using a Locate Standard, Utility Locate and Markout, EML Locating, GPR Locating, Opening Pits and Manholes. This is a huge amount of work to be undertaken by our volunteer Working Groups. If you would like to offer some time to help with these, please get in touch using the Contact webpage.

External Publications

NZ Contractor Magazine: Knowing what is under your feet

dp-PRO Magazine – Building an Industry Sub-Sector: Nulca NZ

Learn GPR (Facebook Live): Utility locating, collaboration, and developing Nulca NZ

Useful Downloads

This video provides an overview of the Standards Working Groups’ latest document – the Locate Handover Document. Please follow the links below to download our templates to utilise for yourself / your company.