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2023 Annual General Meeting

Auckland 9th August 2023, 4PM to 5PM

NULCA New Zealand 2023 AGM

It’s that time of year again and the Nulca NZ AGM is upon us! This year we once again offer 2 ways of attending; one in person, and the other, online. This way we can have the best of both worlds and allow more people to be a part of the AGM. The AGM is open to all paying members of NULCA NZ.

If you wish to attend then please register for ONE of the events below
The in-person event is being held in Auckland at the beforeUdig offices which has been kindly made available to us by Phil and beforeUdig.

The intention is to catch up for a drink and a bite to eat afterward.  The links for the events are as follows:

Register now to attend using one of the links below:

August 14, 2024
  • Nulca Board Meeting

    August 14, 2024